This is a list of general online resources related to the themes of the group. These are all free and open access.

Lectures and other video material



  • The partially examined life : philosophy podcast, discussion format, about weekly, 1h30
  • In our time, podcast with Melvyn Bragg on a range of subjects, 45 mins, guided discussion with academics




Discussion tools

None of these is perfect for our purposes as they tend to be more goal-oriented than our discussions will be, but all give useful ideas. You may also find them useful for professional purposes. If anyone has a better resource, let me know!

  • Be a great facilitator (4 min video, Karen Friedman)
  • 3-part series on facilitation by Decision Lens (30mins)
  • Focus group facilitation ; this one although from a commercial context is actually easy to read across as it aims at uncovering diverse views rather than attaining consensus

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